Green Afforestation International Network Sdn Bhd


Green Afforestation International Network Sdn Bhd (Gain-Green) is a pioneer of Paulownia timber plantation in Malaysia with the vision to lead the paradigm shift of wood usage gained from sustainable timber supplies via afforestation.

Gain-Green is operated based on 5 core competencies:

  • Intensive research and development

  • Superior quality species

  • Scientific plantation approach

  • Systematic management

  • GPS coordinate

RevoTropix Paulownia is a special clone of Paulownia that is optimized to grow well in tropical climate. It is able to grow magnificently in tropical areas such as Malaysia.


The advantages Paulownia that are grown under tissue culture technique include the production of disease free plantlets, superior quality, uniform growth and size of plants, increase yield, no staggered harvesting and etc.

Revotropix Paulownia shows some unique attributes:

  • Rapid growth: Grow to maturity in 4 to 6 years

  • Regenerate ability: Regenerate from the cut stump, shorter rotation time

  • Grow well in Malaysia climate: 18ft height after 8 months

  • CO2 absorption: Absorb great amount of carbon dioxide