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BioSynTech Malaysia Group Sdn Bhd (BSTM), one of the biosciences trading arms of Revongen Corporation based in Malaysia. BSTM is a leading company involves in supplying and delivering scientific reagents and services. Currently, BSTM represents more than 30 brands from reputable manufacturer and suppliers, with product categories ranging from molecular biology, immunology and proteomics, bioassay, cell and tissue culture, biochemical to stem cells. BSTM has been serving the life science and biotechnology research communities for 19 years, offering the most referenced and recognized products in the industry.

Bio-etc Pte Ltd (Bio-etc) is one of the trading arms of Revongen Corporation specializes in supplying and delivering scientific reagents and services. Located in Singapore, Bio-etc represents more than 20 brands, with products ranging from proteomic and immunology, lab equipment and instrument, cell and tissue culture, molecular biology, stem cell and biochemical and reagents.

Vivantis Technologies Sdn Bhd (Vivantis) is a research-based biotechnology company incorporated in 2002. Vivantis has been producing more than 800 quality products, including real-time PCR kits, DNA amplification products, nucleic acid purification system, restriction enzymes, polymerases and modifying enzymes, biochemical, ready made buffers, DNA ladders & markers, nucleic acid and nucleotides.

Vivantis is certified with ISO9001:2008 and all its manufacturing facilities and process flows comply with the quality standards to ensure customers receive the highest quality materials.

Products of Vivantis are being marketed and delivered to more than 50 countries globally via direct sales force to local end-users and via distributors’ sales channel to international markets.

Proteostem Sdn Bhd


At Proteostem, we strive to develop and distribute high quality and reliable protein research tools, proficient technical support, rapid global shipping, latest and authentic data that inspire our customers to discover full protein potential and drive scientific breakthrough in proteomic research.


Our growing range of products includes immunoassay buffers and reagents, Western Blot and ELISA substrates, protein purification/separation agarose resins, protein markers and biochemicals. We are committed to assist scientists by offering tools and reagents that contribute to reproducible results at honest price and drive scientific discovery like a walk in the park.


Our R&D division is teamed up with experienced and qualified researchers who recognize the importance of lot-to-lot consistency and accurate results for all scientists. We also understand the technical difficulties and challenges dealing with proteomic research and will assist you with professional support and simplified assay to ramp up your research work flow.