Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd


Halvec Laboratories Sdn Bhd (Halvec) is an ISO17025 certified laboratory (SAMM No. 770) which offers analytical services for detection of non-Halal content (porcine) and alcohol content analyses in food, feed, herbs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices for Halal product testing.

Halvec specializes in verifying Halal integrity of consumer products through validated Halal analyses and methods that comply with ISO17025 and to verify integrity of Halal lab testing service provider through ISO17043 Laboratory Competency Program.

Halal Lab Services :

  • Porcine detection via DNA Analysis (PCR and Real-time PCR)

  • Porcine detection via immunoassay analyses (ELISA)

  • Porcine screening via Porcine Trace Rapid Test Kit (Strip Test)

  • Alcohol detection (Headspace-GC-FID/MS)