Visit by Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Bangladesh

In this auspicious new year of 2017, Revongen Corporation is privileged to receive visit of officials from Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Bangladesh in conjunction with the study tour on animal quarantine stations activities.


The officials were given overview of Revongen’s businesses with focus area in life sciences, aquaculture, afforestation, diagnostic kits and halal. Our company’s CEO led the tour to various facilities under Revongen Corporation such as Phytos Biosciences, Gain-Green, Reszon Diagnostics, Vivantis, Speedy Assay and Halvec Laboratories.


Halal is becoming the new international standard whether you like it or not, and I believe that halal certification will soon be very important in virtually all industries. Therefore, I have invested into standardizing the halal verification protocol via sciences and ISO,” said Mr. EL Law, CEO of Revongen Corporation during the presentation.


Throughout the tour, the officials were given explanation about afforestation initiative carried out by Gain-Green by leading green technological revolution via plantation of RevoTropix Paulownia as well as plant tissue culture technique demonstrated by Phytos Biosciences. The guests were then led to three ISO certified laboratories, Reszon Diagnostics, Vivantis and Halvec Laboratories and followed by demonstration of various rapid test kits such as White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and porcine detection kits.


Officials from the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Bangladesh studied corporate brochures of companies under Revongen Corporation.



CEO, Mr. EL Law presented corporate overview of the company.



Group photo with officials from Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Bangladesh



Presentation of the Million Tree Challenge T-shirt from Gain-Green to the esteemed guests.



CEO, Mr. EL Law explained about plant tissue culture in Phytos Bioscience’s lab.



Bacteria colony culture explanation by Mr. EL Law in Vivantis’s lab.


DSC_0003 DSC_0007

Rapid test kit product demonstration



CEO of Halvec Laboratories, Mr. Amin answered questions raised by the officials



Lab tour at Vivantis



Group photo with officials from Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Bangladesh



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